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Spend 450 AED or more:

Get a set of massage Scraper Gua Sha and a massage roller made of natural stone. (Set of 2 pcs.)

Or Two Scrapers Gua Sha for face massage from natural juniper + face massage oil. (Set of 3 pcs.)


Spend just 200 AED:

Get Scraper Gua Sha "Indian heart" for face and body massage(1 pcs)


Get anti-aging hydrogel eye patches with extracts of peach (1 pcs.)

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Wrinkles have always been an issue when dealing with the age and appearance of skin. With our new Firm & Lift serum, you can feel the product working its way into your skin and
tightening up those target areas in just seconds

delivering a dramatic non-surgical face-lift.

what is Peptides?

Peptides are one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients found in skin care today. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical trials and they have been shown to boost collagen production in skin cells.



By cleansing your skin you get rid of dead skin cells contributing to cell regeneration. Try our 3 steps of deep skin cleansing treatment! It will help your skin to be glowing, clean, and fresh and very,

very soft after each treatment.

 Simple Values

Our skincare products, made of natural ingredients, organic acids, and premium extracts. Absolutely free of fillers, parabens, synthetic dyes or artificial flavors.  With headquarters based in the US,

SVIT has been certified with high standard quality assurance within skincare production.

Focusing on age-defying and problematic skin.